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Neuilly sur Seine

Perle Rare has finalised 7 flat purchases in this arrondissement since 2005. High-quality apartments in this neighbourhood go for €11 to €14,000/m² (excluding notary fees), while the official average price is €8,860/m².*

As a result of the way the town has grown up over the years, Neuilly is a patchwork of different neighbourhoods with no clearly-defined centre. Those neighbourhoods include the area around the Place du Marché-Sablonville, Bagatelle-Saint-James, the bridge district, the areas around Rue Louis-Philippe and Rue des Huissiers, and of course the Ile de la Jatte.

4 districts:
– Parc de Neuilly
– Plaine des Sablons
– Saint-James – Madrid
– Charles Laffitte

Leafy, calm suburbia

The most highly-coveted streets are those immediately around the Bois de Boulogne and, to a slightly lesser extent, those around Saint-James and Le Parc. In terms of amenities (including shops and schools), the most sought-after zone remains the Avenue du Roule. The Ile de la Jatte is a former industrial district which has seen property prices rise considerably in recent years, despite its relative isolation and lack of shops.
Life in Neuilly: Neuilly is a charming town with several little centres (Pont de Neuilly, Sablons, Bagatelle and Saint-James). It feels like a big village on the edge of Paris. The many grocery stores, delis and outdoor markets help to preserve this small-town atmosphere. Things I love about Neuilly-sur-Seine: Architecture, proximity to Paris and La Défense. Metro Line 1, which is so convenient. The feeling of safety. The great range of food stores. The abundant greenery and wide pavements.

* Source: Chambre des Notaires – 1st quarter of 2017. These are “net vendor” prices and not market prices (which are generally 4% higher)

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Georges-Louis Duquesne, property hunter Neuilly sur seine

Georges-L. Duquesne,
Director and co-founder

George-Louis has 20 years’ experience in the banking and personal mortgage sector.

By applying the organisational methods he learned and perfected in the financial industry, he ensures that Perle Rare consultants deliver a modern, reliable service. A great connoisseur of Paris, its history and its different neighbourhoods, he loves nothing more than to share his passion for his home city. George-Louis co-founded Perle Rare in October 2005.

He is in charge of our financial management, as well as keeping track of our search operations and support services. He makes sure that our assignments are a success.


Elisabeth Belloni, property hunter Neuilly sur seine

Élisabeth Belloni,
Personal consultant

Elisabeth is an incurable car addict who worked in the automobile sector for a number of years, specialising in marketing and sales training.

She also spent four years living in Shanghai.

She returned to France enriched from this immersion in a new culture, not to mention a fresh understanding of the challenges involved in moving back home.

Her experience will help you find your hidden gem in Paris!


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