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Paris – 9th arrondissement

Perle Rare has finalised 39 flat purchases in this arrondissement since 2005. High-quality apartments in this neighbourhood go for €13 to €15,000/m² (excluding notary fees), while the official average price is €10,930/m².*

Located between the very chic 2nd and 8th arrondissements and the popular Montmartre district (to the north), the 9th is a mixture of calm, residential zones and lively boulevards, particularly the areas around the big department stores. Still bearing the traces of its late 19th-century reputation as a haven for artists, the 9th arrondissement strikes the perfect balance between tourism, business, culture and tranquillity.

5 districts:
– Trudaine – Rochechouart
– Clichy – Trinité
– Lorette – Martyrs
– Grands Boulevards
– Opéra

Coveted attractions

For many, the 9th arrondissement is synonymous with the grand department stores of Boulevard Haussmann. As a favourite destination for tourists as well as a setting much loved by locals for weekend trips out, these stores are Parisian institutions. The Musée Grévin (Boulevard de Montmartre) and the Musée de la Vie Romantique (Rue Chaptal) are also popular with tourists, as is the Place de l’Opéra and the Palais Garnier, one of Paris’s most instantly recognisable landmarks. Residents are used to the hustle and bustle, and they’re well aware of why their neighbourhood is the subject of such fascination!

Calm yet vibrant

The heavy flow of tourists means that the 9th arrondissement is a tale of two atmospheres, with the buzzing boulevards on one hand and quiet residential side-streets on the other. Falling firmly into the latter category, the area known as Nouvelle Athènes (between Rue de La Bruyère, Rue Saint-Lazare, Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette and Rue Blanche), contains many fine 19th-century hôtels particuliers. This area was a firm favourite with Romantic writers, musicians and artists: famous residents have included Delacroix, Pissarro, Chopin, Victor Hugo and more. Rue de la Tour-des-Dames is a particularly harmonious example of Paris’s 19th-century architectural style. These streets are highly prized by locals for their calm ambiance, showing another, more discreet side of the 9th arrondissement. Away from the noise of Paris’ iconic department stores, Boulevard Haussmann, Boulevard des Italiens and Rue de Londres are also the famous home to the headquarters of many banks, insurance firms and international corporations.

Going out in the 9th arrondissement

In the 19th century, this part of town was packed with cabarets and popular bars. These days, the 9th arrondissement still enjoys a vibrant night life. The Opéra Garnier is far from the only concert hall in the vicinity. Among the most renowned are the Théâtre de Trévise (on Rue de Trévise), the Folies Bergères (Rue Richer), the Casino de Paris (Rue de Clichy) and the Théâtre de la Bruyère (on the street of the same name). After the show the party continues in the many café terraces, music spots and late-night restaurants which line Rue de la Boule Rouge and Rue Richer.
Renowned as a lively, bohemian neighbourhood in the 19th century, the 9th has retained its unique mix of elegance and excitement. Exquisite townhouses stand just metres away from the throngs drawn to the grand department stores, but also tranquil streets lined with concert halls. Locals love this duality, and it’s easy to see why. From the chic avenues around Place de l’Opéra to the more modest streets bordering Montmartre, the arrondissement offers a real mix of styles and atmospheres.

* Source: Chambre des Notaires – 1tst quarter of 2017. These are “net vendor” prices and not market prices (which are generally 4% higher)

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